Burn the nightly oil for process speeding up and work overtime for in-time delivery


Recently, project of Samsung EDS test workshop undertook by Shaanxi Construction Steel Structure Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. entered a full-scale construction period. The company's production system speeded up the process to ensure that this project will be finished on time with quality guaranteed. 

Phase II steel structure project of 12-inch flash memory chip test workshop for Samsung (China) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is located in Xi'an Samsung industrial park with total weight of 1,500 tons and was expected to be delivered on June 25. In this project, workshops of four-layer frame steel structure were constructed, Q345B-Z15 welding H-type steel in 40mm thickness is used for stand columns (more than 10 tons for each), and welding H-type steel and hot-rolled H-type beam were used for steel beam. This project locates in the core area of the Xi'an Samsung industrial park, and was contracted by Shaanxi Construction Steel Structure Co., Ltd. The whole project requires complex process and high quality, and has limited construction period, heavy tasks, and great difficulties. 

In order to guarantee project quality, the company controlled the whole process from raw materials, technology, production, inspection, packaging, and warehousing, so as to ensure product quality. According to design requirements and specifications of Samsung's processing drawings, self-inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection in processing and production were combined during processing and production. Quality tracking was carried out. Unqualified raw materials would not be put into production, unqualified semi-finished products could not be transferred into the next process, and unqualified products could not be delivered, and production quality was guaranteed. 

In order to successfully deliver the project on time, the company leader and relevant personnel carried forward the hard work spirit of "working in day and night, sunny and rainy days” and actively worked in front lines even on weekends. Since the beginning of May, workshops were ablaze with lights and workers worked hard at their posts without complaining and tried their best finish the work in the scheduled time. They all believed "Perseverance means victory and we cannot give up at a key moment.” Technology, quality control, Korean supervision personnel have stayed on site until late night. Along with coming of high-temperature weather, the company sent full-time safety officers to patrol the manufacturing shop, construction site, transportation, and delivery, and provided heatstroke prevention drinks and necessary medicines to ensure safe production. 

Up to now, this project has entered a key node. The company has basically completed production and processing of all components. Four axes at site have been stably installed.