“Customized” components and parts, providing intimate service for users


After entering the second quarter, Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has a very full amount of production tasks. Every workshop has to contend for every minute and work overtime to carry on the tasks, the production pressure is very high. However, every production workshop has never slackened for the company’s marketing work and the needs of its users, and they had well completed the temporary emergency tasks without any excuses.
At 5:00 pm on May 23, the accessories department of the marketing head office needed to use the bearing seat, the component of the company’s SUM820 asphalt concrete paver, according to the user’s requirements, but the component was not in stock and was not put into production due to product upgrades. After learning of this situation, the company’s production department decided, “since the user needs one piece only, and we shall treat it according to the customized product.” They contacted for the preparation of the workshop immediately. Director Li Liao of the preparation workshop received a phone call and made arrangements at the first time. The blanking of all parts was completed that night. The next morning, the production department arranged four parts to be processed to the machining workshop according to the processing equipment of each workshop of the company, and at the same time prepared the drawings and process. Director Li Hua of the machining workshop made arrangements in a timely manner after receiving the task. After all the parts were processed at 3 pm, they were sent to the second riveting workshop. He Xiaowei, workshop planner, had long been waiting at the gate of the workshop. As soon as the parts arrived at the workshop, they were immediately spliced, corrected and polished. At 5 pm, the “bearing seat” was sent to the machining center of the machining workshop for processing again. Although the work done at the machining center was all the inspection parts planned for this week, including tower crane foundation fixture, tower crane lower support, screed body, etc., the machining workshop followed the principle of the user first and freed up a special machine to process the parts. On the afternoon of the 25th, the parts were processed and sent to the painting management center for painting. Zhang Jinxin, the workshop dispatcher, immediately arranged workers to remove rust and paint. After all procedures of the parts were completed, it was transferred to the warehouse, and delivered to users with the shortest production cycle and the best quality.

At the end of each month, it is a critical period for each workshop to finish the sprint of production working hours. However, when receiving the spare parts production task, no one proposed to issue a formal production task list before production, nor did anyone suggest that the task is busy, the construction period is tight, and there is no time for such refusal. It took only two and a half days for the production of a part to be notified by telephone from the production department to the final storage. The five major processes of blanking, part processing, tailor welding, overall processing, paint and the like cannot be omitted. Each process is strictly inspected and checked. Each production manager regards user satisfaction as the only standard for measuring work, controls the time node, strictly controls the quality level, provides considerate service to users throughout the company, ensures the urgent needs of users and has won the praise of users.